Is Realash the strongest eyelash serum on the market?

Realash stimulates natural lash growth. The innovative eyelash serum not only strengthens and extends your eyelashes, but also allows them to grow more vigorously. It has been tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists and has also recommended as the best product of all times by many bloggers around the world. Full, strong eyelashes for perfect, seductive looks.

Get your absolute dream look in 30 days.

Realash from Orphica strengthens the eyelash roots keeping them growing for longer. As a rule, eyelashes grow for about 30 days. This makes your lashes not only long and strong, but also very thick. The eyelash serum can achieve spectacular results in just 2 weeks. You can then marvel at the final result in 30 days. These are truly incredible results because the end result of beautiful long and thick eyelashes is really only a few days away.


Perfect for those experiencing issues growing their eyelashes.

Realash is perfect for women whose eyelashes are short and brittle. As you age, they may no longer be as long and thick as they once were. They may also have been damaged by the use of make-up or extensions. The active substances in Realash have undergone extensive testing to prove that they not only stop hair loss, but also strengthen the natural growth of your eyelashes. The facts speak for themselves:

  1. No known side effects
  2. Eyelashes up to 79% longer and 83% thicker
  3. Effectiveness confirmed by clinical tests

You can marvel at the changes every day.

Realash from Orphica starts taking effect from the first application. In just a short time, you will be marvelling at the magnificent results in the mirror. Even after the first 14 days, your lashes will be thicker and considerably stronger. In 21 days, you will clearly see eyelashes that are healthier and well-nourished, and by Day 30, you’ll have the longer and thicker eyelashes you’ve been dreaming of.

Cosmetologist Emilia Gromska:REALASH is a completely safe product that stimulates the growth of eyelashes. It does not cause irritation, allergies, or changes in the iris, which can often be a side effect of an eyelash serum. REALASH meets all dermatologists’ requirements regarding safety and, above all, meets customer expectations.” (Source)

Is this all really true or just the usual from commercials?

Realash can be absolutely recommended. It has both been tested dermatologically and, additionally, numerous women from different countries have confirmed its efficacy. Not just friendly customer service, but also the money back guarantee speak absolutely for themselves. Easily tolerable, no side effects, and herbal ingredients will convince every woman.

Who is Realash suitable for?

The eyelash serum is ideal for all women whose eyelash growth is short and weak. This can happen not only after a serious illness, such as chemotherapy, but also due to bad cosmetics or artificial eyelash lengthening. For this reason, the serum is really suitable for anyone who wants full, long, and thick eyelashes quickly.

What does the serum contain?

The eyelash serum Realash from Orphica comes in a small bottle with a practical applicator and is applied similar to an eyeliner. Highly effective herbal ingredients are the secret behind the outstanding results delivered by Realash. The natural active ingredients also provide care for the sensitive skin around the eye area. The high efficacy is due to the following plant-based factors:

  1. Marigold
  2. Calamus
  3. Flax

Easy to use, excellent results.

First, make-up should be thoroughly removed and your skin cleansed and dried. The serum is then applied to the upper lid. This process is repeated in the morning and in the evening so that the results can be seen in just a few days.
The eyelash serum does not cause any side effects or irritation. Herbal active ingredients are suitable even for sensitive skin. This is confirmed not only by dermatologists, but has also been confirmed in ophthalmological tests.

Countless customers can’t be wrong.

Many enthusiastic customers have shared their experiences online and report getting phenomenal results within a few days. In just 14 days, customers saw not only thick growth of their eyelashes, but also found their eyelashes thicker and stronger. In addition, they praised the simple and easy application, and, of course, the lack of irritation. It is also good value for money and users have praised Realash for how long a bottle lasts.

Who is actually behind the Realash eyelash serum?

Realash Cosmetics is a very successful company, which is represented in over 35 countries. The company specialises in the production of effective cosmetic products based only on the natural power of plants. For this reason, all products are not only absolutely skin-friendly but also have no side effects. Millions of satisfied women are now among the customers of this exceptional company worldwide. In addition to the successful eyelash series, Realash Cosmetics also offers an eyebrow serum, eyelash tint, as well as an eye serum and an eyeliner.

What should be considered?

When applying the eyelash serum, you should not use any other methods such as artificial eyelash extensions so that your eyelashes can grow naturally and with more strength. The serum should be used regularly in the mornings and evenings. This is the key routine, because the best results are obtained by applying the serum regularly. You should also take care to ensure that the skin is always dry and free of oil and make-up.

Radiant eyes are guaranteed.

The eyelash serum is highly recommended. Not only for its spectacular effect, but also because the money-back guarantee means customers feel secure in giving it a try. Finally, there is no more need for annoying glued eyelashes or daily mascara. Because with Realash, you have not only wonderfully thick eyelashes, but also supple, long, and above all healthy ones in just 30 days. Highly recommended.

Where can I order Realash?

Unfortunately, there are always many black sheep online who sell counterfeit and dangerous imitations. That’s why caution is advised when buying Realash! Please order the Realash product exclusively from the Orphica manufacturer website!

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